J. Lucas

Book :

  • Lucas, J. (2016). Fields of Authority: Special Purpose Governance in Ontario, 1815-2015. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Peer-reviewed Articles and Reports :

  • Lucas, Jack. Forthcoming. “Toward Delegation: Social Policy Centralization in Toronto, 1870-1929.” Journal of Policy History 30(2).
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  • Lucas, Jack.  2013.  “Berlin, Ontario in the Age of the ABC.” Urban History Review.  41(2): 19-42.

Other Publications :

  • Sayers, Anthony and Jack Lucas. 2017. “Policy Responsiveness and Political Accountability in City Politics”. School of Public Policy Research Papers 10(4): 1-23. (Refereed report).
  • Lucas, Jack. 2015. “Did Mayor Allen Huber Punch Louis Breithaupt in the Nose?” Waterloo Historical Society Annual Volume. 102: 77-84.
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  • Lucas, Jack.  2013.  “Hidden  in Plain View: Local Agencies, Boards, and Commissions  in Canada.” Institute for Municipal Finance and Governance Perspectives Series. 4:1-7.

Invited Talks :

  • 2017. “P.R. Adoption in Western Canadian Cities.” American Political Science Association, San Francisco, CA. 09/01.
  • 2017. “Formal Institutions and the Political Development of the Western Canadian City.” Urban Affairs Association, Minneapolis, MN. 04/20
  • 2015. “Urban Policy Governance in Canada: A Long-Range Overview”. Intersections Speakers Series, City-Region Studies Centre, Edmonton AB. 02/24.
  • 2014. “The Long-Term Dynamics of Local Institutional Change: A Policy Fields Approach”. Department of Political Science Speakers Series, University of Alberta, Edmonton AB. 09/25.
  • 2014.  “Disaggregate, Young Scholar, Disaggregate”.  Conference in Honour of Graham White, University of Toronto, Toronto ON. 05/30.
  • 2013.  “Local Special Purpose Bodies in Ontario”.  Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance, University of Toronto, Toronto ON. 04/29.

Selected Conference Presentations

  • 2016.  “Social Welfare  Centralization in Toronto, 1870-1930.”  Canadian Political Science Association, Calgary, AB. 05/31.
  • 2016.  “Responsiveness, Accountability, and the Local Political Career in Calgary and Edmonton.”  LABEL Colloquium on Municipal Responsiveness and Accountability, Montreal, QC. 05/17.
  • 2016.  “Political Authority and the Urban Policy Ecology: Social Policy Centralization and Urban Reform in Toronto”. Urban Affairs Association, San Diego, CA. 03/17.
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  • 2013. “Structural Change in Three Provincial-Municipal Domains”. Canadian Political Science Association, Victoria, BC. 06/05.
  • 2013. “Change in Education, Public Health, and Hydro:  The Long View”. Canadian Association for Programs in Public Administration, Toronto, ON. 05/27.
  • 2012. “Creating Special Purpose Bodies: Berlin, Ontario  in the Age of the ABC”. American Political Science Association, New Orleans, LA. Conference cancelled due to Hurricane Isaac
  • 2012.  “Why do Special Purpose  Bodies Exist?  A Case Study from the Age of the ABC”. Canadian Political Science Association, Edmonton, AB. 06/15.